Local Annual Pass Sale

Get 12 months unlimited entry into Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary for only £19.60 with FOUR tokens from the LYNN NEWS


Local Annual Pass Update: There will be one final extra token printed on the 30th March in the Lynn News and the period to redeem your annual pass has been extended until the 30th April, excluding between 29th March - 15th April when we will be unable to process your annual pass application due to the school holidays. All passes issued past the 29th March will be back dated to the Saturday 31st March. 

For example, if you visit the sanctuary and redeem your SEA LIFE Local annual Pass on the 25th April, your annual pass will expiry on the 31st March 2019.   


Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary and the LYNN NEWS has once again teamed up to offer LYNN NEW readers the opportunity to purchase a Local Annual Pass for £19.60pp. Pay once and visit for the remainder of the year for FREE! All you need to do is collect four tokens per person, so if there are two or more members of your household you will need to purchase additional copies of the LYNN NEWS when the tokens are printed. 

The SEA LIFE Sanctuary is Norfolk's only seal sanctuary open to visitors and is home to over 2,000 creatures, from tiny shrimps to Amazonian Piranhas! This Easter don't miss our NEW enclosure when it re-opens as Penguin Beach, get closer with unparalleled close encounters with these lovable and comical birds and learn how to waddle with our playful and charming colony of Humboldt penguins. Walk into their enclosure and see if you can spot the new members of the colony! 


Benefits of a Hunstanton SEA LIFE Annual Pass

  • 12 Months entry into the Sanctuary, plus Great Yarmouth SEA LIFE Centre when you upgrade for less than £4 per person.
  • 20% Off hot drinks in our 'Proud to Serve' Costa
  • FREE online downloads of your souvenir photos for 12 months with the Image Passport (Only avaiable at Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary) 

Don't forget to pre-order your LYNN NEWS papers now before they all go! 

Get up close to our fantastic creatures with our underwater viewing windows!

Token Dates & What To Bring

What You Will Need:

To claim your pass you will need to collect FOUR SEA LIFE tokens issued by the LYNN NEWS per person. Once you have collected any four tokens, download and complete the application form. Alternatively you can complete the application form on arrival, however you may need to wait on arrival until a team member is able to assist. 

Talk your completed form, together with a passport-size photograph to the the Sanctuary to purchase your Local Annual Pass for £19.60pp. 


LYNN NEWS Token Dates

  • Round One: 20th February
  • Round Two: 23rd February
  • Round Three: 27th February
  • Round Four: 2nd March

Extra Tokens have been issued!

  • Magic Token One: 6th March
  • Magic Token Two: 9th March
  • Extra Token: 30th March -  Issued due to the adverse weather.