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We dedicate the month of June for the living who managed to survive from the ancient times to present day. Our visitors will listen the stories of the oldest water creatures such as sharks, arapaimas, arowanas, sturgeons, alligator snapping turtles in the event which will be held during the month of June. The Mars Sinema Club Kart owners who watched the movie ‘Jurassic World’ will be able to visit SEA LIFE with a %50 discount.

The visitors who come to SEA LIFE Akvaryum between June 8-30 will see the fishes from the times of the dinosaurs and listen to the presentations from the experts.

Our experts who will introduce the fishes from prehistoric times will also provide information about the species that are in danger of extinction and what needs to be done to protect the natural habitat. Our visitors will see the ancient species such as stingrays, jellyfishes, arapaimas, arowanas, sturgeons, alligator snapping turtles, horseshoe crabs and 15 different types of sharks.

Also, the Mars Sinema Club Kart owners who watched the movie that deals with the revival of the dinosaurs today ‘Jurassic World’ will be able to visit SEA LIFE with a %50 discount.

The world's largest freshwater fish 'Arapaima'

Arapaima that used to have a length of about 4-5 meters in the past is known as the world’s biggest freshwater fish. Today, because of the hunting and decline in their habitat, the lengths about 2-3 meters are more common. A large 3 meter arapaima has a 1.5 meter tongue, half of its length. Arapaima is almost challenging the sizes that come to mind when you think of fishes.

This fish hunts bats!

Another freshwater fish species that is going to be seen in Istanbul SEA LIFE is hunter arowana. Arowana, lived in the age of dinosaurs and included in the ‘osteoglossidae’ family, lives in the Amazon, Africa, Asia and Australia today. Being a carnivorous fish, arowana can hunt birds and bats by jumping up to 2 meters out of the water. Arowanas, known as the ‘dragon fish’ in China, are called as harbinger of good news.

Could there be an alligator snapping turtle?

Istanbul SEA LIFE Akvaryum hosts prehistoric fishes from thousands of years ago that remain in the present day as well as very different species that are stunning people with their strength bigger than their size. The alligator snapping turtle, looking like a small dinosaur with its large spiky shell, a sharp beak-like mouth, with a long tail and a scowl, fascinates the people who see it. One of the most interesting animals in the Amazon, Alligator Snapping Turtle uses its pink tongue like a worm as bait and hunts the living that approaches to its mouth by catching it with a sudden movement. The reason why it is referred as alligator snapping turtle is known as its ability to neutralize the small and mid-sized alligators with its jaws.

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