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The ‘Cleaner Shrimp’ called “Deniz” in SEA LIFE Aquarium is the beauty and care expert of the SEA LIFE Aquarium. This sea creature, which cleans the bodies and wounds of all the fish that it cohabitates with regardless of species, sort or race makes the point that ‘each living thing has a duty in life’


Whether it is a moray eel, one of the most dangerous creatures of the sea, a starfish or a giant grouper, Deniz is always in pursuit of cleaning the body of any nearby fish. Taking its job very seriously even if it takes hours, Deniz the cleaning shrimp sometimes gets so immersed in the work that it actually goes right into the mouth of the creature it is cleaning even though it is very dangerous.

The Cleaner Shrimp species Deniz, cleans any wounds it finds on fish helping them to recover faster and keeping them healthier by removing any parasites that may have attached themselves to the fish.


In the evening, those with an appointment get in line ‘Today is care time

One of the most interesting aspects of this natural phenomenon is that the fish actually get in a queue to be cleaned up.

Even fish that have not yet met the Cleaner Shrimp immediately get acquainted and start to act like they have been old friends for years when they get into the same tank with Deniz and start getting in line like all the other fish to get cleaned by Deniz. Fish that have undergone the magical touch of Deniz come out as if reborn with shiny scales and lively colors like they have a brand new outfit on.

The shrimp also help SEA LIFE experts

This behavior of the shrimp, called symbiosis (communal life), also serves as a guiding reference for the experts that are responsible for the animals in the SEA LIFE Aquarium. If a particular fish tends to go to the cleaner shrimp very frequently this indicates to the experts that there may be many parasites on that fish or it has another problem in its diet thereby allowing them to start a treatment process. Through this cleaning duty carried out by Deniz, not only are the fish that want to be more attractive helped, but fish with health problems are diagnosed early. This natural phenomenon reminds us that every living creature has a mission and all creatures live in harmony in interaction.

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