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News & Events

SEA LIFE Aquarium Kansas City hosts a number of on-site events for all ages, year-round.

Shark Week

July 22-28

Dive in to Shark Week at SEA LIFE! Say hello to our four species of shark, and learn the ins and outs of these sleek predators of the deep during Shark Week. 

SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium is home to four distinct species of shark including black tip reef shark, bamboo shark, zebra shark & nurse shark. 


Shark Week is July 22-28!

Stingray Baseball Enrichment

Select Tuesdays in June

The great American pastime is taking a plunge beneath the waves! Visit SEA LIFE KC on Tuesdays in June 2018 for a chance to help our animal caretaker team with providing enrichment activities for our stingrays! 

In place of traditional peanuts and cracker jacks, one lucky guest will be selected at random to help aquarists fill a transparent "baseball" with tasty treats optimal for our rays. After that, it's time to RAY ball as rays play with the makeshift baseballs in turn releasing plenty of their favorite snackcs throughout the tank! 

For a chance to be selected, guests can meet in SEA LIFE's Stingray Bay area on select Tuesdays in June. SEA LIFE's animal care team will select one lucky guest to help out at 11am! 


*Please note, to be eligible guests must be present in Stingray Bay at 11am on select Tuesdays in June. Times are subject to change up to the discretion of SEA LIFE staff.  

Race to the Ocean


Become a junior wildlife ranger and help baby sea turtles race to the ocean in this interactive, digital experience! 

Venture onto the beach to help baby sea turtles by becoming a junior wildlife ranger! Race to find turtle eggs, clear the beach of trash, turn off beach lights and more in this interactive, completely digital journey. Explore the threats that baby sea turtles face as they race to the ocean after hatching then learn what YOU can do to help their journey to the sea!

SEA LIFE Welcomes Weedy Sea Dragons

A relative of the seahorse and pipefish, these dancing dragons love to swim, twirl, hide and dance along ocean kelp forests and sea beds that they call home. Find these curiously camouflaged creatures at SEA LIFE Kansas City in our new Weedy Exhibit – Now open!  


Native to the southern tip of Australia, weedy sea dragons prefer shallow, cool waters among rocky reefs, kelp and seaweed where they are able to hide themselves using their unique “weedy” appendages. While they spend the majority of their life as solitary creatures, weedy sea dragons are known for their peculiar courtship ritual known as the “mirror dance,” in which pairs swim gracefully together while mirroring each partner’s movements.


Learn more about the weedy sea dragon during a visit to SEA LIFE Kansas City!