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SEA LIFE Aquarium Kansas City hosts a number of on-site events for all ages, year-round.

PJ Masks

February 15 - March 29

Help stop the Marine Mayhem! The night-time baddies are wrecking havoc in the ocean! You'll need all your creative skills and creature knowledge to help the PJ Masks avert disaster in the deep! It's time to be a hero!

  • Visit all five PJ Masks Action Stations to defeat the night-time baddies and learn about our amazing creatures
  • Meet CatBoy, Owlette and Gekko* 
    • *Please note, character appearances have been placed on hold for the immediate future. 
  • Decipher the clues to find which creatures have been stolen and save the day


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Turtle Rescue Center Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Shawny and Lou celebrate their 1 year anniversary at the Turtle Rescue Center at SEA LIFE Kansas City.

Shawny, our first Turtle Rescue Center resident, was rescued by the Georgia Sea Turtle Center after being found in the wild with a severely injured right flipper that required amputation. Undiscouraged by his injuries, Shawny is full of heart, enjoys green peppers and back scratches from his animal care team.

Our second green sea turtle, Lou, was rescued off the coast of Florida near Panama City. A fisherman found him, alerted the proper authorities and Lou was brought to Gulf World Marine Institute for medical evaluation and rehabillitation. Lou is unable to return to the wild due to his carapace (shell) deformity, but will continue to live a happy and healthy life at SEA LIFE Kansas City.

A new permanent addition to Kansas City's aquarium, the center invite visitors of all ages to get face-to-flipper with Shawny and Lou while learning about the threats wild turtles encounter.

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SEA LIFE Welcomes Weedy Sea Dragons

A relative to the seahorse and pipefish, these dancing dragons love to swim, twirl, hide and dance along ocean kelp forests and sea beds that they call home. Find these curiously camouflaged creatures at SEA LIFE Kansas City in our new Weedy Exhibit!

Native to the southern tip of Australia, weedy sea dragons prefer shallow, cool waters among rocky reefs, kelp and seaweed where they are able to hide themselves using their unique "weedy" appendages. While they spend the majority of their life as solitary creatures, weedy sea dragons are known for their peculiar courtship ritual known as the "mirror dance", in which pairs swim gracefully together while mirroring each partner's movements.


In an abundance of caution, SEA LIFE Kansas City Aquarium is temporarily closed, and we remain in contact with the authorities on when we can re-open. If you have purchased tickets for the dates when we will be closed, you may use these tickets for any future date through December 31, 2020.