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News & Events

SEA LIFE Aquarium Kansas City hosts a number of on-site events for all ages, year-round.

Homeschool Week

January 29 - February 2

All Homeschool families are invited to dive into amazing discovery this Homeschool Week!

Homeschool families will receive our discounted school rate of $7.00+tax per student and $10.00+tax per adult. Offer is valid for walk-up purchase only on Monday-Friday of Homeschool Week. 

Your Homeschool Week ticket includes:

  • Discounted admission into SEA LIFE Kansas City 
    • $7+tax per child
    • $10+tax per adult
  • Access to daily educational Talk Times
  • "Properties of Sea Water" activities
    • Our SEA LIFE Education Specialist will facilitate activities in which guests learn about the temperature, PH levels and salinity of fresh water versus saltwater! 
    • Offered at select daily times throughout Homeschool Week

Visit our Homeschool webpage to learn more about receiving Homeschool updates throughout the year! 

Scout Week

February 20-23

Dive into Scout Week February 20-23, 2018!

Scout groups of any size are invited to visit SEA LIFE Kansas City for a discount during Scout Week! 

  • $10+tax per adult
  • $7+tax per scout
  • Offer valid exclusively for scouts, scout leaders, parents & guardians on Tuesday, February 20 through Friday, February 23 only!

We look forward to seeing our Boy Scout and Girl Scout friends during Scout Week! 

SEA LIFE Welcomes Weedy Sea Dragons

A relative of the seahorse and pipefish, these dancing dragons love to swim, twirl, hide and dance along ocean kelp forests and sea beds that they call home. Find these curiously camouflaged creatures at SEA LIFE Kansas City in our new Weedy Exhibit – Now open!  


Native to the southern tip of Australia, weedy sea dragons prefer shallow, cool waters among rocky reefs, kelp and seaweed where they are able to hide themselves using their unique “weedy” appendages. While they spend the majority of their life as solitary creatures, weedy sea dragons are known for their peculiar courtship ritual known as the “mirror dance,” in which pairs swim gracefully together while mirroring each partner’s movements.


Learn more about the weedy sea dragon during a visit to SEA LIFE Kansas City!