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Gertrude is a rescued Green Sea Turtle who has called SEA LIFE Kansas City home since winter 2013. Gertrude was found wrapped up in fishing line off the coast of Florida and was rescued by our friends at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in 2011. The fishing line caused severe damage to both front flippers and required one of her flippers to be amputated. Through the diligent care and rehabilitation, Gertrude was nursed back to health!

In 2013, Gertrude made her way to SEA LIFE Kansas City to live out a safe, happy and healthy life. Thanks to the staff at SEA LIFE Kansas City, Clearwater Marine Aquarium as well as Southwest Airlines, Gertrude safely completed the journey from Florida to the heart of Kansas City.

You'll find Gertrude swimming around our Ocean Tank! Be sure to come say hello and "sea" her soon! 

Things To Do


    See it, draw it, watch it swim at Doodle Reef! Merge imagination and creativity as you create your very own virtual sea creature that comes to life before your eyes in a digital sea! Doodle Reef is an experience to be enjoyed by all ages.


    Do you dare? Explore our Rockpool Experience and touch a sea star, crab, sea urchin or other amazing creatures inside this hands-on, interactive zone.


    Meet the world’s least dangerous dragons at SEA LIFE Kansas City’s Weedy Sea Dragon Exhibit! A relative of the seahorse, weedy sea dragons are unlike any underwater creature you have ever seen. These dancing dragons love to swim, twirl, hide and dance along ocean kelp forests & sea beds they call home. Can YOU dance like a weedy sea dragon?


    “Ooh and aah” at sharks, rays and countless tropical fish as they glide above you in our 180 degree Ocean Tunnel! Stroll beneath the sea as you come face-to-fin with shoals of glittering fish, black tip reef sharks, spotted eagle rays, our green sea turtle, Gertrude and much more.


    Our friendly, smiling rays will mesmerize you inside Stingray Bay! Get up-close to these playful stingrays in this relaxing and magical space.

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