What's Included in My Scout Troop Visit?

  • FREE Marine Conservation Scout Patch (with workshop only)
  • Encounter a vast array of sea creatures including sharks, rays and tropical fish
  • Learn how you can make the oceans a better place through our "Breed. Rescue. Protect." conservation program
  • Admire over 20 displays, thousands of sea creatures and hundreds of species in a highly themed, immersive setting
  • Gaze at creatures swimming overhead in our 180-degree ocean tunnel
  • Take part in our interactive Rockpool Experience where you can touch a crab or sea star
  • Free educational talks throughout the day that your troop can attend

Educational Workshops ($3.00+tax per scout)

Individual Price + Workshop Total Price
Adult 13+ years 1 Adult FREE for every 5 Scouts. $12.00+tax per additional Adult N/A $12.00+tax
Child 3-12 years $10.00+tax $3.00+tax $13.00+tax
2 and Under 0-2 YEARS FREE N/A FREE