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Undulate ray

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10616 Undulate Ray

Returning undulate rays to our oceans

Yikes! Undulate rays are in serious trouble. From the UK to Portugal, the number of rays in the ocean is dropping dramatically.

We’re leading a programme to boost the undulate ray population in Europe. We’re recording the number of rays, pairing mature rays together, and breeding young rays. Our big focus is on improving the genetic health of rays in captivity. That way, we can slowly but surely introduce more back into the wild.

To help, we teamed up with Manchester University to map the undulate ray family tree – and breed genetically healthier, more sustainable rays.

9730 Undulate Rays Can Grow Up To 1M Long Cropped

Wow Facts

  • Undulate rays only start to reproduce once they turn eight years old!
  • Some rays lay eggs called 'Mermaids Purses'. Cool!
  • You can find 21 species of rays and skate in British waters. Wow