Jurassic Seas Exhibition

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Let us take you into the fascinating underwater world of 150 million years ago, when Königswinter was still under the sea. Explore the dinosaurs of the seas, prehistoric creatures. Nowhere else in Germany you can experience the amazing descendants of long extinct sea monsters.

"Jurassic Seas" - The newest inhabitants of SEA LIFE® Königswinter come from a time when the town itself was still under water. The paddlefish, bichir and much more populate the new customized SEA LIFE aquariums. Framed by a 2 meter high replica of a dinosaur skeleton, the fascinating underwater world of 150 million years ago is shown in four different aquariums. It is therefore the perfect setting for the 32 newcomers.


According to latest research, lungfish have the most complex genetics of all known living organisms. Their genes are partially twenty times more extensive than that of a human.


You need to be careful when feeding the Chelydridae. As their name implies, they like to snap once in a while.



Baby paddlefishes have teeth while adult ones don't.

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