Gentoo Penguins

Watch our playful bunch of 10 Gentoo penguins at SEA LIFE Konstanz!

This species live in Antarctica, the antarctic isle and the subantarctic islands. Gentoo penguins are very fast swimmers and hunt for their food in the oceans as all penguins do. Their diet consists of fish, squid, and small crustaceans. The gentoo penugins reach a height of about 60 to 80 centimeters and a weight of five to six, rarely up to eight kilograms.

Things to Do:

  • Watch our 10 playful Gentoo penguins in their Antarctic environment
  • Get to know everything about them and hear their donkey-like shouts
  • Watch Emma, Juan, Snoopy and the others glide through the water
  • Experience Mr. Rossi, the oldest penguin of the group – he is always arranging peace & tranquility
  • Learn about their favourite foods and join the daily feeding demonstrations
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Penguin photos

Penguin photos

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