Common octopus

Common Octopus

We have two beautiful Common Octopuses in SEA LIFE Aquarium at Lake Constance.

They belong to the same species as Paul – the octopus from SEA LIFE Oberhausen who predicted the world cup scores! These beautiful creatures are very intelligent animals, in fact they are the most intelligent of all invertebrates, and are as smart as a dog! Its skin can change colour to fit its background. Each of the 8 tentacles has a double row of suckers. By day it hides among rocks, coming out to hunt at night for crabs, lobsters and fishes.

Things to Do:

  • Find out that his favourite food is shell fish & crustaceans.
  • Discover how our octopus likes to decorate his home.
  • Octopodes are very curious and playful – they can even learn how to unscrew lids.
  • Experience our enrichment with these intelligent animals
  • See his long arms grabbing and touching all around him
  • Spot his big powerful suckers
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