Feeding Times

Fütterungszeit der Pinguine, SEA LIFE Konstanz

Make the most of your visit – watch our fun talks and feeding demonstrations throughout the day!

Interactive rock pool experience – every day from 10am


• Get up close to rock pool creatures

• Hold a crab

• Touch a starfish and a sea anemone

Penguins feeding in the Antarctica – every day at 11am and 3pm


• Meet our cute and playful Antarctic residents

• Learn why penguins need our help if they are to be saved from extinction

• Watch Snoopy, Emma, Juan and the others splash in the water

Piranha feeding in the rainforest area- Monday to Friday at 12:30pm

SEA LIFE Piranha text

• how do the schooling fish react to their food?

• how do the piranhas eat?

• watch the feeding in their unique piranha tunnel

Turtles feeding in the Ocean tank – every Saturday and Sunday at 12.30pm


• Look out for our Giant Sea Turtles called Amadeus and Clementine

• Explore our fascinating ocean tunnel

• Find out why the turtles only eats broccoli, salad and whiting

North Sea feeding – every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 1pm


• Find out more about our different types of Rays and sharks that live there

• Learn about what they eat

• See them swim to the surface of their tank

Rotterdam harbour feeding – every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 1pm

Werner, der Wrackbarsch

• Find out where you can see these fish like sea basses and mullets in the wild

• See them feed

• Get close with Werner, the wreckfish, that weighs approx. 25 kg and is almost 11 years old

Sharks feeding in the Ocean tank – every Monday to Friday at 2.30pm

Hai-Fütterung SEA LIFE Konstanz

• Enter the home of the sharks in the big Ocean tank

• Learn to identify different types of sharks like Blacktip Reef Sharks or Nurse Sharks

• Learn where they are found in the wild

All feeding times subject to short-term alterations.

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