New 2013: Claws!

Claws 2013

Or special exhibition in 2013 'Claws' at SEA LIFE Konstanz!

The crabs and their many clawed cousins are like marvellous machines, the armoured division of the marine world.

Here, in superbly-lit displays, you’ll see in vivid and spectacular close-up the wonderful construction of these powerful predators. Find out the facts and enjoy the fun. Claws will really grab you!

Invasion der Krebse


Japanese Spider Crabs can have a legspan of up to 4 metres!

Invasion der Krebse


With their powerful pincers Coconut Crabs can even crack open coconuts!

Invasion der Krebse

Crabs and lobsters have teeth in their stomachs and crabs have even three pairs of jaws!

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