7 Top Tips for Visiting SEA LIFE London

  1. Book your tickets in advance online

Avoid the queues and waiting time. Guarantee your entry when you book online into your designated timeslot. Choose between an online saver, an anytime priority ticket or for better savings a combi ticket such as the London Eye + SEA LIFE combi ticket!

  1. Book onto a Behind the Scenes Tour

Ever wanted to see what it’s like behind the scenes at SEA LIFE London? Want to know what our team of aquarists do to ensure our animals receive the best care? Add a behind the scenes tour to your visit! The tour lasts around 45 minutes and involves one of the guest experience team members taking you on an exclusive tour around our quarantine area. See some of the new arrivals, more permanent quarantine residents and maybe even some babies as you find out what it takes to look after such a large number of animals!

  1. Touch a starfish at our Rock pool

Have you ever stroked a starfish before? Do you know what their skin feels like? Every single guest has the opportunity to touch a starfish here at SEA LIFE London. Make sure you ask the host to tell you about their thousands of feet and two stomachs whilst you feel their rough skin.

  1. Visit Ocean Invaders

Jellyfish have been on this planet for over 500 million years, and have no brain, heart, blood or bones! Find out even more fascinating facts about these magnificent creatures in our brand new ‘Ocean Invaders’ exhibit. Pass through three different zones full of a variety of jellyfish species, create your own digital jellyfish and even meet some tiny juvenile jellyfish as you enter the amazing world of jellyfish.

  1. Talk to our expert hosts

Around the aquarium you will see a number of our knowledge hosts ready to tell you all about our fascinating creatures. Don’t hesitate to ask them question after question; they love to talk about the animals! Throughout the day various talks also take place, so make sure you ask for times and the hosts will be sure to point you in the right direction.

  1. Feeling hungry or thirsty?

There are opportunities to purchase snacks and drinks, which are the only food and beverage permitted to be consumed within the aquarium.