Last Minute Fishmas Gifts!

Last Minute Fishmas Gifts!

We all know how much of a fishue Christmas shopping can be: fussy friends, pernickety parents and nit-picking nephews are sardine-ly enough to leave you a little bit lost! So here at SEA LIFE, we’ve put together some last minute gift ideas to give you a little bit of fin-spiration, no matter your budget.

  1. Behind the Scenes Tour

For the marine biologist in everyone – why not dive behind the scenes here at SEA LIFE and team up with our aquarists? Meet some of our juvenile rays, our weedy sea dragons and say hello to our Fire Bellied Newt! Tickets are only £8 and our experts will answer all of your questions from ‘how many fish does a penguin eat in a day?’ to ‘why don’t the sharks eat their housemates?’ – So dive in deeper and get closer to the marine life here at London, Just don’t forget your towel!

Cost: £8 each - book now! 

  1. SEA LIFE After Dark

For that busy bee in need of a night off, why not get tickets for our late night underwater experience where the fun only starts inside as the sun goes down outside? Our SEA LIFE After Dark events allow you to escape into the wonder of the ocean after we close to the public, and as an 18+ event you can grab a free glass of bubbly, whilst watching the bubbles. Our 2018 dates are now available, so grab your friends and family and unwind under the waves together.

Cost: £29 - book now! 

  1. Feed the sharks

For those fearless enough to get up close and personal with our feeding frenzy! Feed our prowling predators as they whip beneath your feet, ready to chow down. From our Sand Tiger sharks to the Black Tip Reef Sharks, you’ll have the chance to learn all about some of the oceans most fearsome while they feast just feet below you. Warning! Things may get competitive.

Cost: £80 -  Book now! 

  1. Snorkel with the sharks

For those brave enough to join us in the shark tank for an underwater adventure with the biggest creatures here at SEA LIFE! We’re offering a Jaw-some experience snorkelling with these hunters, including our Black Tip Reef, Nurse, Grey reef and the terrifying Sand Tiger sharks. Not to mention Betty, our Bowmouth Guitarfish, who is sure to glide over and sniff out who dares to swim in her tank!

Cost: £130 - Book now! 

  1. Merlin Annual Pass

For that animal loving, adventure hunting, adrenalin seeking explorer of yours! Why stop the fun at SEA LIFE London? Our Merlin Annual Pass allows guests to visit as many Merlin Attractions as you could possibly squeeze into one year: From the waves of SEA LIFE to the heights of Thorpe park, to even the darkness of our Dungeons (NOT for the faint hearted!) – We have a range of Merlin Annual Passes to quench each adventurers thirst. Check them out here:

Cost: from £139 - Book now! 

  1. Proposal

Cra-sea in love this festive season? We all know that there are plenty of fish in the sea, but if you’ve found your Nemo then we would love to whisk up your perfect proposal to help you shell-abrate! With our team of divers stirring up the romance from the inside of the Ocean Tank, it’s the perfect setting to pop that question.  

Cost: £250 - Book now!