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Name Our Octopus

Here’s your OCTO-tunity to help name our Octopus! 

What do you call an eight armed cephalopod with a doughnut shaped brain and three hearts? We don’t know – that’s why we need your help!

Our newest arrival here at SEA LIFE London is our Common Octopus. You may have spotted her along our Atlantic Coasts playing hide and seek with our aquarists (spoiler: she always wins – her camouflage really does do the trick!) But here’s the thing, she needs a name. So we’ve decided to let her choose her own. 

Over the October Half Term we asked our crabulous guests to write down their curious, quirky and downright crazy name suggestions for us to then put forward to our mysterious mollusc to choose her favourite. And we received hundreds!

So far we’ve narrowed these ink-redible suggestions down to just five… but we need your help to get the final shortlist down to three.

Once we have our top three names, we’ll pop these into three jars and leave her to open the jar that she fancies for her new name! This will be shown on our Facebook page.

So, let’s get Kraken. Head over to our Facebook page to help our Octopus find her name!