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Top 5 Reasons to Visit SEA LIFE London as a Family


  1. The whole family needs to get away from their screens.

Everyone’s glued to their iPhones, the TV or Kindle and no one spends time together. The solution? Bring the whole family to SEA LIFE London where everyone can share an immersive experience with real animals!

  1. You’ll save a shedload of money!

When you visit as a family of four you save up to 20% off when you book online with our Online Family Ticket Saver.

  1. Tons of sea creatures to fascinate the kids (and Adults!)

With over 10,000 sea creatures including adorable Gentoo penguins, magnificent Sand Tiger sharks, the famous “Nemo” clownfish and the UK’s largest jellyfish experience in Ocean Invaders, the whole family will be amazed.  

  1. Kids will love the interactive features

Do your kids love to explore, touch and feel things? With “Heads Up” Bubble windows, kids can get even closer to the creatures they love such as the Gentoo penguins in Penguin Point. Encourage the kids to touch a starfish at our Rockpool, they may be surprised how much they love it!

  1. Accessibility

Have a bub in a pram? No problem. We have an elevator that covers all three levels of the attraction.


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Covid-19 Update

SEA LIFE London Aquarium is temporarily closed from 20 March until further notice as a precautionary measure. We have made this decision to protect the health and wellbeing of our guests and team, which are always our top priority. Please follow the link for further information and booking enquiries.