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Coral Reefs grow in warm tropical waters around the equator. They are formed by thousands of tiny animals known as polyps. These polyps grow in huge colonies, each one building a strong skeleton around itself for protection, until very slowly a huge reef is formed.

These reefs rely on millions of tiny single celled algae that live inside the polyps and produce food from sunlight also creating the bright colours that corals are famous for.

Coral reefs are one of the most important habitats in the world. They are home to around 25% of ocean life, and are often known as the “rainforests of the sea.” In fact; they support so many animals that the animals have to work on a “time share,” with some waking up in the day and some waking up at night.

Corals are so sensitive that even a change of 1°C in temperature can harm them, so changes such as global warming are having a huge effect on corals and they are decreasing fast!

Saving corals is easy – they don’t like pollution in the air as it is easily absorbed by sea water so try cutting down your energy use!

Perhaps washing your clothes on a lower temperature or walking instead of driving are easy fixes?

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