Follow the journey of the Penguins

Follow the journey of the Penguins

In 2011 we were really excited to be joined by a colony of Gentoo Penguins at SEA LIFE London Aquarium!

Our penguins were raised in captivity at Edinburgh Zoo, who have a great reputation and huge breeding successes for Gentoo penguins. They were given to SEA LIFE and transferred to our SEA LIFE centre at Weymouth before the breeding season got started, so as not to disturb the mating cycle there.

Whilst our penguins were having their holiday in Weymouth, our brand new enclosure was being built in London and we had time to build a sophisticated new quarantine area for the penguins in our back of house area where we can care for them. This time also meant that our staff from the SEA LIFE London Aquarium could be fully trained in all aspects of penguin husbandry, with help from the British Antarctic Survey who were also invaluable in helping us get just the right conditions in our new enclosure.

The penguins were transported to us in a specialist climate-controlled van, with each bird in an individual box. The refrigerated van was chilled to keep the penguins nice and cold!

We regularly monitored them to ensure they were calm and comfortable, but once in their private boxes they tend to lie down and rest during their journey. There was no need to tranquilise the penguins, so they were awake and alert during their journey. They are very used to human contact so it was not too stressful for them to travel, but we were eager for them to arrive and be introduced to their new home with us and were pleased to see them settle in extremely quickly.

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