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We’re really excited about welcoming the new sharks to our new Shark Reef Encounter display!

We’re welcoming a school of Blacktip Reef Sharks, which have become too large for their enclosures at other SEA LIFE sites, so are coming to live with us.

The sharks are coming from other SEA LIFE sites around the UK, including Chessingon and Hunstanton, and are travelling in climate regulated lorries in tanks. The temperature and oxygen levels in the water are tested several times during their journey to ensure that they are within the right range for the sharks.

When the sharks arrive with us, they will be kept in quarantine for a few days whilst we are making the final preparations for their new tank.

We will change their water conditions slowly over several hours to acclimatise them to the water chemistry of our tanks. Once they are ready, they will then be transferred into a floating pen at the top of their new tank. This allows the sharks to see their new home and the other animals and gently get used to their new environment.

Our new Blacktip Reef Sharks will be housed with our existing Sand Tiger Sharks, Brown Sharks, Nurse Sharks, Zebra Shark and Bowmouth Guitar Sharks.

The Sand Tiger Shark and Blacktip Reef Shark tend to swim around higher up between the middle and the top of the tank, whereas other species such as the Nurse Sharks spend a lot of time resting on the bottom.

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