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Endangered undulate rays born

11th August 2015


Meet our endangered 10cm baby undulate rays, born last month at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium as part of our pioneering breeding and tracking programme.


“These beautiful animals, which are native to British waters, are endangered in the wild due to over fishing and damaging fishing practices so it is hugely important for us to breed them and track the population,” commented Matt Haworth, Senior Aquarist at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium. “Visitors love these creatures, children like seeing their undersides which appear to be ‘smiling’, so I’m sure the new arrivals will be very popular.”


Visitors to the attraction can spot the baby undulate rays, which are native to the English Channel, in Behind the Scenes tour area of the attraction – tours can be pre-booked online here.

You can also find out more from one of our expert aquarists, Pete, in the video below all about our new arrivals!


Photo by Andre Di Monaco