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Jelly-baby boom

Jellyfish baby boom at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium

24th April 2013


A new aquarist at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium has exhibited a magic touch with the jellyfish resulting in hundreds of tiny “jelly babies”. The miniscule 2mm long creatures are currently being reared behind the scenes in a specialist jellyfish tank called a kreisel until they are big enough to join their parents in the main display in London and at other SEA LIFE centres around the country.


“We run a number of successful breeding programmes across SEA LIFE from seahorses to sharks and now here in London we’re experiencing a real jellyfish baby boom,” commented deputy curator Jamie Oliver. “We have had success in the past but nothing on this scale. With Ruth’s arrival the population has literally exploded!”


Aquarist Ruth Chamberlain has used her experience with the creatures with great success: to date around 500 Moon jellyfish babies have hatched with more expected in the coming weeks.


The stunning pictures that accompanied the news have proved incredibly popular with the media, with the story being featured in the Metro, The London Evening Standard, The Times, The Daily Telegraph and dozens of online outlets.

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