An Ocean of Stars

An Ocean of Stars raises £2572.27 for the Manta Trust!

On Monday 25th June, SEA LIFE London Aquarium hosted its second ever An Ocean of Stars; an evening to celebrate marine conservation and the stars thereof!

SEA LIFE London Aquarium - Ocean of Stars

SEA LIFE London Aquarium - Ocean of Stars

Guests were indulged with a free glass of bubbly and delicious sustainable canapés provided by Feng Sushi whilst they watched a dive feeding of our stingrays.

We had three fantastic guest speakers who gave us 45 minutes of informative, inspiring and fully immersive talks; Emily Howgate from Good Catch and the Sustainable Fish City campaign, Emily Humble from the Manta Trust and The Washington Post’s environmental report Juliet Eilperin. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the talks and left having learnt something new.

With stands run by fantastic conservation organizations dotted throughout SEA LIFE London Aquarium, it was the perfect opportunity to find out more about our amazing creatures and how to help protect them.

Our raffle was also very popular with some fantastic prizes on offer; dinner for 2 at Feng Sushi, Junior Aquarist for the Day here at SEA LIFE London, a Snorkel with Sharks experience for 2 and a Champagne experience on the EDF Energy London Eye for 20 people!

All £6 entry donations and money raised through the raffle went to the Manta Trust with £2572.27 being raised in total!

A huge well done and thank you to everyone involved; all of our guests who generously donated so much, Feng Sushi for showing how easy (and tasty) it can be to eat sustainable fish, the EDF Energy London Eye for donating such a fantastic prize to our raffle and finally to the team of dedicated aquarium staff who worked so hard to make the evening a success!

Who came

Representatives from the following organizations came to the aquarium to promote their work.

Bite Back -
Marine Stewardship Council –
Sustainable Fish City –
Marine Conservation Society –
Coral Cay –
Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society –
Falklands Conservation –
Thames 21 –
Manta Trust –
Ocean Brand –
Juliet Eilperin –
Blue Ventures –
C-3 -

Manta Trust

SEA LIFE London Aquarium - Manta Rays

Manta rays are some of the most charismatic creatures inhabiting our oceans. With the largest brain to body ratio of all fish, their intelligence and curiosity make encounters with these creatures a truly amazing experience.

However, despite their popularity with divers and snorkelers many aspects of these creatures lives remain a mystery, with only snippets of their life history understood. More worryingly, in recent years a fishery for these animals has developed with devastating effects on manta populations globally. What’s more, many thousands of manta rays are caught as bycatch each year and often go back into the sea dead or dying.

The Manta Trust is a new charity set up in 2011 to promote the worldwide conservation of manta rays and their habitat through robust science and research, raising awareness and providing education, influence and action. Bringing together a number of projects from across the globe, the Manta Trust relies on good science, education, community based initiatives and government legislation to ensure effective conservation for manta rays and their habitat.

SEA LIFE London Aquarium is proud to support the Manta Trust and its work.
To find out more about the Manta Trust visit their website at Manta Trust

Feng Sushi

Feng Sushi have 7 restaurants across London with a commitment to only use fish from sustainable sources. They have signed the Sustainable Fish City pledge and hold MSC certification!

Creating delicious, exciting and beautifully presented fish and vegetarian sushi, Feng Sushi match the traditional and the modern, taking the best from a craft practised for centuries. Their unique approach sees a modern sensibility combined with the skills of the past to create sushi for the present.

To find out more about Feng Sushi visit their website at

Juliet Eilperin

The Washington Post’s national environmental reporter, Juliet Eilperin, will be attending An Ocean of Stars in order to promote her highly anticipated new book ‘Demon Fish’.

‘Demon Fish: Travels Through the Hidden World of Sharks’ provides a global look at the often surprising and inexplicable ways people and cultures relate to, and engage with, the ocean’s top predator. Eilperin explores the ways in which the mythological significance attributed to these animals has made them objects of reverence, fear and fascination, and of misperceptions that may eventually lead to their extinction.

We’re very excited and pleased to welcome Juliet to An Ocean of Stars!
To find out more about Juliet Eilperin and her book ‘Demon Fish’ visit her website at

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