Shark Reef Encounter - Now open!

SEA LIFE London Aquarium - Shark Reef Encounter

A major new feature is now open at SEA LIFE London Aquarium - Shark Reef Encounter - a major NEW guest experience starring 16 awesome sharks!

In celebration of one of nature’s most magnificent but misunderstood creatures, guests start their journey with a walk on the wild side across the new, extended Shark walk.

This glass walkway literally allows them to walk above a stunning shoal of sixteen sharks, including two striking 2.8m brown sharks and a group of 10 sleek black tip reef sharks, as they swim inches beneath.

Next stop, come face-to-fin with these awe-inspiring creatures in their magnificent pacific display, spanning three floors and dominated by a selection of imposing Easter Island Heads.

Finally, get ready for some shark myth-busting in the interactive Shark Academy with lots of touchy feely learning – from touching surprisingly sharp shark skin to finding out why coconuts can be more deadly than sharks.

Shark Reef Encounter is now open at SEA LIFE London Aquarium - Book your tickets now!

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10am - 7pm
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