Snorkelling with Sharks

SEA LIFE London Aquarium - Snorkeling with Sharks

An exclusive experience at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium will bring guests face to fin with some of the most amazing creatures of the deep as they snorkel amongst an array of sharks in the attraction’s dramatic Pacific Reef display.

SEA LIFE London Aquarium - Snorkeling with Sharks

The new and unique Snorkelling with Sharks experience submerges participants beneath the water in a mesh divers net as a group of over 15 magnificent sharks – including two impressive 2.7m long Sand tiger sharks, 8 sleek black tip reef sharks and two 2.2m Browns sharks – circle just feet away from them. A transparent perspex floor will give clear views right to the bottom of the 5m deep display, where the lower swimming Bow Mouth and Nurse Sharks dwell.

Absolutely no diving experience* is required and all the instruction needed will be given by the SEA LIFE London Aquarium’s experienced Aquarists.

As well as a full orientation, including some fascinating insights into the shark species who reside in the display, the exciting experience also includes a Behind the Scenes Tour of the inner workings of the SEA LIFE London Aquarium.

Snorkelling with Sharks is unsurpassed and follows hot on the heels of the opening of the new Shark Reef Encounter area at the SEA LIFE London Aquarium, which aims to challenge false perceptions of sharks as monsters of the sea.

This unique experience takes the theme a step further with a thrilling, totally safe, fully immersive underwater experience that will enable unprecedented up close access to these awe inspiring creatures.

The experience lasts a total of one hour and 30 minutes which includes a Behind the Scenes Tour, full briefing, snorkel time including all equipment and Priority Entrance to the Aquarium after your snorkel, for £125.

£5 from every Snorkel with Sharks will go to the Shark Trust to help conserve these amazing creatures!
To find out more about the Shark Trust and their work visit

The Snorkelling with Sharks Experience is available every day including weekends at 11.30am / 13.30pm / 15.30pm. The maximum number of people per dive is 4 people.


*No diving experience is necessary but participants must be able to swim. A maximum of three people can be accommodated per session and participants must be over 1.3 meter’s in height. All equipment including snorkel gear and wet suits are provided.

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