Spot the Halloween Bogey-fish!

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October 26 until 3rd November 2013

Spot some of the scariest creatures in the ocean this Halloween as The SEA LIFE London Aquarium puts the spotlight on some "bogey-fish" of the deep. Guests should keep their eyes peeled for spooky images dotted on displays around the attraction revealing where these elusive bogey-fish dwell.

Look out for the ugliest, the Lumpsucker fish, which cling on to rocks with their sticky lower fins. Or try to spot the deadliest, including the Lion fish and the Moray eel, which has a second set of jaws ready to tuck into prey. Or how about the weirdest, like the alien-looking Longhorn Cowfish which secretes deadly, toxic mucus into the water when it dies and the Blind Cave fish which has no eyes! Plus there will be themed talks and feeds throughout the week.

On Halloween day the Fish Witch will be making a special appearance herself. The scaly, green marine crone only comes out on Halloween to cook up a cauldron full of spooky fun.

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