Summer Superheroes 2013

Saturday 3rd August – Friday 30th August 2013


The SEA LIFE London Aquarium is declaring a ‘superhero summer’ where guests can get up close to a whole host of superhero fish sporting super-sensory and unusual abilities.

Every day from 3rd August to 30th August kids can pick up a free trail card and follow a special superhero trail around the attraction, spotting creatures marked with fun cartoon depictions of their super alter egos – check out a couple of our clever creatures at the top of the page! Watch out for starfish who regenerate their limbs, sharks whose acute senses can detect prey from 100 metres away, super fast swimming Gentoo penguins and Green Sea turtles who wear their skeletons outside their bodies!

To get even closer to those super-sensory sharks, tickets for the unique Snorkel with Sharks experience are available at £125, which includes a Behind the Scenes Tour, briefing time and snorkel time. For more information please see Snorkelling with Sharks.

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Mon - Sun:
10am - 7pm
Last Entry:
0871 663 1678

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