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SEA LIFE London Aquarium has signed the Sustainable Fish City Pledge!

With over fishing becoming a huge problem across the world, we have to act now to protect our oceans. Sustainable Fish City is a London wide campaign fighting to make London the first ever Sustainable Fish City, by encouraging companies and organizations to join up and sign the pledge. Already a big success, hugely inspirational companies such as the 2012 Olympics have agreed to support this cause, promising to take significant steps to protect the seas such as sourcing fish from environmentally friendly fisheries, and serving the least exploited species’ of fish.

Jenny Hickman, Education Supervisor, and Rebecca Carter, Conservation Supervisor for SEA LIFE London Aquarium, explain why they think marine conservation is so important, and why they are in a unique position to influence their many visitors interested in marine life:

"Getting up close and personal to amazing marine life, such as the fantastic animals we are fortunate enough to work with, really brings home just how much we have to lose. SEA LIFE is all about celebrating the underwater world and we want to play our part in helping to save it as well.

Since signing the Sustainable Fish City Pledge we have begun taking steps towards improving the sustainability of all our display’s food, fish served at private events held in the aquarium and also in communicating even more with the general public about marine conservation. Our long-term aim is to influence not only the other SEA LIFE centres but the whole of the Merlin Entertainment's group and make Merlin a completely sustainable organisation."

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Find out more about how SEA LIFE London Aquarium is becoming more sustainable on the Sustainable Fish City website.

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