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Maintaining strong links with important charities

Currently we are working with the MCS on their “Your Seas Your Voice” campaign. This is a high profile campaign that is attempting to create Marine Protected areas around the UK. Only 1% of our waters are currently protected.

We promote the work of the charity, educate our guests on the importance of marine protected areas and focus public talks on the pressing issues that the UK Seas face. Aquarium staff members also attend talks by MCS staff to keep up to date with recent developments and successes of the project and hope to gain an even stronger relationship with the charity in the near future.

We enjoy great relationships with many other high profile charities and are constantly liaising with them to get involved in up and coming projects. Here are some of the charities we are currently working with:

  • WDCS

SEA LIFE London supports petitions and awareness events aiming to secure the future of whales and dolphins across the world. We are in constant contact with the WDCS, collecting petition signatures, holding whale conservation events and attending peaceful anti-whaling protests.
Visit Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

  • SOS

SEA LIFE London Aquarium sponsors SOS to ensure pivotal conservation work continues to protect vital habitats.
Visit Save our Seas

  • Rainforest Concern

SEA LIFE London promotes awareness of ancient habitats and the incredible creatures they are home to.
Visit Rainforest Concern

  • Shark Trust

SEA LIFE London Aquarium works with the Shark Trust on regular awareness weeks, opening people eyes and changing the misconceptions surrounding these great predators. During our recent Shark Week for The Shark Trust, we gained huge publicity for the problem of shark finning. In fact we were responsible for gaining 10% of the signatures on the petition!
Visit Shark Trust

  • Earth Sea Sky

SEA LIFE London Aquarium supports Earth Sea Sky in their work to protect critical turtle nesting sites and educating the public on how they can help. Recently we have been involved in successful conservation efforts with Earthseasky.org in raising money for their turtle breeding project in Greece.
Visit Earth Sea Sky

  • South Pacific Projects

SEA LIFE strives to promote and support South Pacific Projects’ work conserving key habitats and ecosystems around Fiji.
Visit South Pacific Projects

  • Bite Back Shark and Marine Conservation

SEA LIFE London supports Bite Back Shark and Marine Conservation in their influential and engaging work campaigning for the protection of vulnerable fish species and ocean habitats across the world.
Visit www.bite-back.com/

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