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Did you know that Loggerhead Turtles swam the oceans at the same time dinosaurs walked the earth’s surface?

For thousands of years these beautiful sea turtles have returned year on year to the sandy beaches on the west side of the Greek island of Zakynthos to make their nests.

Zakynthos and particularly Laganas Bay have now become popular holiday destinations bringing a number of dangers to the turtles on the island

  • pedaloes and tourists boats bash into them in the water
  • sun beds and beach umbrellas damage nests and the eggs inside them
  • noisy beach bars with bright lights cause hatchlings to get lost as they try to find their way to the sea

How SEA LIFE is helping

SEA LIFE is building a turtle rescue centre on Zakynthos in partnership with conservation group Earth, Sea and Sky. The centre will save injured turtles and help to educate holidaymakers who are unaware of the harm they are causing. So far we’ve raised and donated 145,000 euros to build the sanctuary and pledged to raise a further 100,000 euros to get it fully operational.

How you can help

Join in our Make A Turtle Smile campaign to raise awareness and money for the Zakynthos Turtle rescue centre.

Make a turtle smile
We’re raising money, awareness and a smile in order to protect these wonderful sea creatures.
Just £1 could pay for up to half-a-day’s care for an injured turtle.

Here’s how you can get involved:
1. Pull your best smiling turtle face and get a friend to take a photo of you
2. Upload your photo to our Flickr
3. Shell out today to protect an unborn turtle – Make a donation
4. Send your photo to all your friends and get them to join our Make A Turtle Smile campaign

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You can also get involved by checking out our SEA LIFE creature Adoptions web page...

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