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Did you know that the ocean around Britain is full of incredible marine life such as Sharks, Turtles, Eels and Dolphins? Our water provides a perfect habitat for lots of life as it is full of oxygen and food!

But through over fishing, bad fishing practices, pollution, taking resources from the sea and building around the coastline, our oceans are in a lot of danger, threatening the animals that live there as well.

SEA LIFE and the Marine Conservation Society are campaigning to encourage the government to create little pockets of protection around our coastline called Marine Conservation Zones. These MCZs will prevent damaging practices that can harm sealife and damage their habitats, sometimes irreversibly.

With MCZS, most human activities won’t change except where it might damage the special local feature or habitat. So we can carry on using these sites, but just with more care. And MCZs may be small in size, but the exciting thing about them is that it is proven they are effective.

Areas which have been protected have shown huge increases in the amount of life which thrives there, and this causes an “overspill” effect, in which the surrounding areas will also begin to recover, even if they aren’t protected.

SEA LIFE and the Marine Conservation Society are asking for your help to convince our government that we should protect our precious seas before it is too late with 127 MCZs in English seas!

We are compiling hundreds of names of those who want to save the seas and before the decision on MCZs is made, we will present the names to the government in a march across Westminster bridge!

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