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At SEA LIFE, we have lots of local activities you can support or get involved with!

SEA LIFE conservation work hard to protect every part of our oceans and sea life that lives within it, whether the threat is man made, due to population changes in the wild, or an effect of global warming, we take action.



SEA LIFE has been a pioneer in the field of seahorse breeding, successfully breeding and rearing nine different species to date to help this very sensitive and endangered sea creature from facing extinction.

Seal Rescues

common seal

SEA LIFE and its sister brand the Seal Sanctuaries annually rescues, cares for and returns to the wild more than 100 orphaned, injured and sick seal pups each year. Other marine creatures rescued have ranged from rare sturgeon, dolphins and minke whales to sea turtles. In 2009 a rare Kemps Ridley turtle found close to death on a beach in southern England was returned to the wild off North Carolina.



SEA LIFE provides permanent homes for damaged and disabled creatures rescued and in need of homing, that would otherwise have been killed or put to sleep.

By show casing all of these beautiful creatures that have found their way to live with us, we can engage with our visitors to help you to understand how small daily routines and changes can count towards the survival of many of our creatures at no cost or little effort!


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SEA LIFE is an active campaigner, including the WDCS 2010 Stop Whaling Campaign; our latest petition to force Greek governements to help improve conservation of sea turtle nesting beaches; Helping to outlaw the grisly shark-finning industry; reducing the impact of bycatch on vulnerable species and many other critical marine conservation issues.

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