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This popular freshwater fish is not only tasty but beautiful, with silver skin flecked with bright blue, green and pink highlights.

It has an oil-rich flesh and an earthy taste which pairs well with strong flavours such as lemon juice, garden herbs and butter.

Fish Farming
Rainbow trout is the most popular farmed species of trout. Many people believe that buying farmed fish is more sustainable than wild caught, however this is often not the case.

Feed for carnivorous fish such as trout and salmon comprises of wild, unsustainably sourced, smaller fish and it takes a greater weight of wild caught fish to feed the trout/salmon than the end weight of the farmed fish.

However, if you buy organically farmed trout or salmon fish stocking densities are generally lower in comparison to non-organic farms, feed is sourced sustainably and welfare for the animals is of a high standard.

Look for rainbow trout which has been farmed in ponds and raceways; these get a rating of 1 on the MCS sustainable scale meaning it is a very sustainable production method!

Crab, Smoked Rainbow Trout & Pickled Cucumber Salad

Serves: 4


Crab dish
- White crab meat (shell removed), 600g
- Smoked rainbow trout (thinly sliced), 120g
- Dijon mustard, 2 desert spoons
- Olive oil, 3 desert spoons
- Crème fraiche, 200f
- Paprika (preferably smoked), a pinch
- Salt, a pinch
- Green chilli (deseeded & chopped), 1
- Basil leaves (finely shredded), 8
- Lemon zest (finely grated), 1

- Cucumber (peeled &diced), 1 large
- Sugar, 1 desert spoon
- White wine vinegar, 3 desert spoon
- Basil stalks (finely chopped), 3
- Olive oil, 2 desert spoons


Crab dish
Carefully prepare all of the ingredients and gently fold together in a mixing bowl until thoroughly combined. Adjust the seasoning to your taste, perhaps use some juice from the lemon to boost the seasoning and freshen the mix up a little.

Make a dressing by combining all the wet ingredients and a pinch of salt no more than 3 hours before, mix in the chopped basil stalk and neatly diced cucumber.

Cooking and Serving

Divide into four portions and serve to taste.

This recipe was kindly provided by The Three Stags.

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