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Ever fancied yourself as a bit of a fish fanatic?

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At SEA LIFE London Aquarium you can spend the day exploring the underwater world with your own personal expert member of our team, meeting and feeding some of our amazing marine life. The highly acclaimed educational experience is one of the most exclusive, exciting and fun experiences our team offer and a day not to forget.

Have you ever wondered what an octopus can do with its huge brain or what food they eat? As part of the day you will get a chance to challenge our octopus by making a maze to see if she can find her food, one of the many activities we have planned for your day.

Parents will receive two tickets for SEA LIFE London Aquarium and are welcome to use those tickets whilst your child is attending the experience.


Marine Biologist For A Day - Sample Itinerary:

  • 10.30am: Meet and greet with your own private expert member of our team and discuss the safety and rules as well as the planned activities for the day. Have your photographs taken within our shark cage photo and tour the SEA LIFE Aquarium with your own private guide.
  • 11.00am: Visit our Octopus and learn about the important of dieting, nutrition and the role of enrichment within the Octopus's life. Touch the Octopus, create a challenge for the Octopus to partake in and feed the Octopus.
  • 11.30am: Visit our behind the scenes quarantine to learn about our different sharks, their different dietary requirements, feeding schedules and help prepare the actual food themselves.
  • 12.30pm: Learn about the importance and process of identifying ray eggs for breeding of both Undulate Rays and Thornback Rays. Visit the laboratory to examine actual ray eggs and assign banding for the eggs for SEA LIFE breeding programme.
  • 13.00pm: Lunch Break
  • 14.00pm: Visit the Ocean shark tank and learn about some of our Marine life and their behaviour.
  • 15.00pm: Go behind the scenes to our laboratory and learn about fish health and illness, the importance of regularly testing our water, the types of water used in the aquarium. You will also have the opportunity to test our water yourself as well as dissecting an actual squid.
  • 16.00pm: Visit our Ocean marine life and learn about the variety of ocean creatures, their nutrition and the importance of calcium to shell growth in turtles.
  • 17.00pm: Finish off your day by receiving a certificate of completion, your photographs and an exclusive SEA LIFE London Aquarium goodie bag worth over £45.00.



Child (11+ Years)


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What past guests have said:

Jack, 12 Years Old.

“Thank you for ensuring that I had a good time and I really wish that I could have spent more time at the London Aquarium. I enjoyed every second that I spent at the aquarium, there was not a dull moment! Today has made me want to (in the future) work with water and the magnificent creatures in it even more, my aspirations for the future are to become a marine biologist.”

Katie, 14 Years Old.

"Thank you for an amazing experience and a great day. I was given the Marine Biologist for a day experience as a present for my birthday. When I arrived it was even better than I thought it would be. It exceeded all of my expectations and I was overwhelmed by the friendliness of the staff.”

Dawson, 12 Years Old.

“I was really happy when my family gave me this gift to be a marine biologist for the day. I didn't know what to expect but from the moment I got there I loved every minute of it. I got to feed the sharks and giant sea turtles. I even got to go behind the scenes where visitors don't. Thank you for making my day great!”

Helpful Notes:

  • The Marine Biologist for a Day Experience is available on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and only one spot per day is available so you will get the unique attention of our team of aquarists.
  • Please note that lunch is not included in the cost although there are many restaurants and food outlets in or around the building.
  • Please arrive promptly by 10.15am to ensure the experience can start on time.
  • Please ensure you contact us at if you or your child have any medical issues or allergies prior to your visit so we can prepare in advance and ensure you have the best experience.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Bookings can be taken any Saturday from 1st January – 31st December inclusive (except 24th, 25th, 26th and 31st December)
  • There is a minimum age of 11 for all Marine Biologist for the Day visitors due to Health & Safety reasons and a maximum age of 16 years old.
  • Guests tetanus vaccination's must be up to date.
  • Smoking or the chewing of gum is not permitted on site, in staff areas nor in any of the public areas of the attraction.
  • Please ensure that you wear old clothes as the day can get very messy. We also recommend you bring a change of clothes.
  • Sensible trousers and dark sensible shoes should be worn as experience involves walking and standing for periods.
  • Food can be purchased from surrounding food outlets. Children must be collected by a parent or guardian and taken out for lunch as it is not included in the day.
  • If you are unable to make your booking, please contact us on 0207 960 0473 or email (time permitting) to re-schedule for another day. Unfortunately no refunds can be given.
  • Cover existing cuts and abrasions on exposed skin with waterproof dressings and the disposable gloves provided.
  • Hands must be washed at every opportunity, especially before eating, drinking and before leaving SEA LIFE.
  • You must remain in close contact with the member of staff you are working with and not wander off.
  • You must not enter any behind the scenes area without specific instruction from your accompanying member of staff.
  • You must not touch any creatures unless told that it is acceptable to do so by the member of staff.
  • When taking breaks or lunch away from the member of staff you must arrange to meet again in a public area of the attraction at a set time.
  • No jewellery other then ear studs is permitted. Long hair must be tied back. High-heeled shoes must not be worn.
  • Any accident or injury must be reported to the member of staff immediately so that appropriate action can be taken and first aid provided.
  • In the event of an emergency you must follow the instructions of the member of staff. If you become separated leave the area by the nearest emergency exit and make your way outside to a public area.

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