Simply download your resource pack and for each key creature you encounter we’ve provided discussion notes, fun facts and activities for your group to complete.




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Risk Assessment

Ocean Invaders Lesson Activities




The Jellyfish Challenge
KS1/KS2 Science – put your students’ knowledge of jellyfish to the test! In preparation for their visit to SEA LIFE London pupils are to think about what they already know about jellyfish by creating a ‘tentacle’ based mind map. Any unanswered questions can then be noted for our staff to answer on the day!

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Jellyfish Fact File
KS1/KS2 Science – Ask your pupils to think back to their visit and their favourite species of jellyfish they saw. What did it look like? Highlight five key facts about it. Where in the world would you find it?

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Jellyfish Art
KS1/KS2 Art – Time to get creative! Learn how to draw a jellyfish with our step by step guide.

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World Oceans
KS2 Science & English – Breaking news! Jellyfish are invading. Your pupils need to don their reporting hats and write an news article for the ‘Jellyfish Times’ informing its readers of the problem of jellyfish blooms and what is being done to prevent it.

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Where in the World

KS2 Geography – Using your jellyfish fact files ask yours students to work together as a class to create guide to where invaders are found around the world. They will need to do their research to identify the locations and name the world oceans.

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