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Sea Turtle

We have two Green Sea Turtles(Chelonia mydas) called Boris and Dougie. Green Sea Turtles can be found all around the world in tropical seas and they likes to eat Sea Grass. The name 'Green Sea Turtle' comes from the colour of its fat!


Pacu, we have two species here the Red-Bellied Pacu (Piaractus brachypomus) and Black Pacu (Colossoma macropomum). They both come from South America and the mighty Amazon, where they get called Pirapitinga and Tambaqui respectively.


Our Red-Bellied Piranha (Pygocentrus nattereri)are from the Amazon.

Sea Horse

These are the Long Snouted Seahorse (Hippocampus reidi), which come from the Caribbean.


These spectacular creatures are the South American Sea Nettle (Chrysaora plocamia) which can be found off the costs of Peru. We culture them onsite at SEA LIFE London Aquarium in our very own Jellyfish Laboratory, before we move them to our exhibits for you all to see. They are the largest Jellyfish species we have here at the London Aquarium.


This little chap is a Common Octopus (Octopus vulgaris) who came form Portugal but we can find them in UK waters too as they can be found all around the world.


This is a video of our Shark Tank where we have the Sand Tiger Shark, Nurse Sharks, Black Tip Reef Sharks and Grey Reef Shark. As well as a Bowmouth Guitarfish.

Covid-19 Update

We are delighted to confirm that SEA LIFE London Aquarium will reopen on August 1st and can’t wait to see you! Pre-booking your visit online is essential for all guests (including passholders).
The health and safety of our guests and staff is always our number one priority. In line with the latest Government guidance, we have introduced a number of additional hygiene and safety measures which you’ll see in place when you next visit.