Quiet at the Aquarium

Quiet at the Aquarium

On selected dates throughout the year we're opening our doors an hour early, with limited tickets available, to provide a quieter SEA LIFE experience that aims to provide a more comfortable visit for those with autism and other sensory requirements.

Groups are welcome. Music will be turned off and SEA LIFE staff on hand to answer questions. The use of our school room is available upon request, for anyone needing a private space.

Whilst Quiet at the Aquarium finishes at 10am, you are welcome to stay and enjoy the aquarium when it opens to the public.

SEA LIFE Manchester is delighted to host this event and the popularity of this event will determine the availability of additional dates in the future.

The next Quiet at the Aquarium dates are:

6th October - 9am til 10am

7th October - 9am til 10am

8th October - 10am til 11am

9th October - 10am til 11am

10th October - 10am til 11am

11th October - 10am til 11am

12th October - 10am til 11am

13th October - 9am til 10am

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