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Travel Melbourne solo

  • Monday 17th February 2020

Travelling solo is one of life’s great joys. With so many interesting things to do in Melbourne, you can do it your way!

Coffee Contenders

Hallelujah, Melbourne is a mecca for incredible coffee. Want it with almond milk, double shot, cold-pressed, served in a cup/top hat/high-heeled shoe? OK, maybe not, but oh boy, this Euro-influenced town has it nailed when it comes to caffeine. Find some of the best cafes on Degraves Street, in the CBD. The laneway might remind you of Paris, except for the brilliant blue sky peeking in above. Order up and settle in to watch the world wander by.


Street Sounds

Street performers in Melbourne are world-class, so whatever mood you’re in, they’re bound to amplify it. From solo singers to small bands, you’ll find the best in Bourke Street

Mall, near the old General Post Office. Musicians range from excellent amateurs to seasoned professionals, fitting in a little busking between their regular gigs. Many performers have gone on to bigger and better things, like indie favourite, Tash Sultana, who now tours the world. You’ll love what you hear – so stop and linger for a while, soaking up the sounds of the street.


Get Lost

There’s something hugely mesmerising about fish. The way they drift, scales flashing in the light. The bright colours of tropical species and the impressive size of sharks and rays. SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium is a place you can lose yourself in for hours, protected from the elements (which is a major benefit in changeable Melbourne!) Wander the Oceanarium tunnels gazing up at toothy predators. Zone out in the new Ocean Invaders exhibit, surrounded by bright blooms of pulsing jellyfish, rising and falling in their tanks like a living lava lamp. It’s a superb solo sensory experience!


Escape the City

Melbourne’s delights extend beyond the immediate vicinity of the CBD, so jump on a tram and get out there! St Kilda is a bundle of fun, with its Ferris wheel and beachfront promenade. The retail area hides a delicious secret… many bakeries, boasting intricately decorated cakes in their windows. As a solo traveller, you won’t need to share with anyone! Another excellent day out is Brighton, with its collection of rainbow-coloured beach huts. Take the train there and dip your toes in.


Arty Party

Here’s a party that doesn’t need a plus 1. Street art is the pride of Melbourne, with laneways and walls festooned with colour. Some artworks are political, some are simply joyous, and most make you think in new ways. The power of the image is boldly on display and artists don’t need to be ‘somebody’ to have their say. Hosier Lane is probably the most famous laneway, but there are many others to see too. Spend the afternoon wandering, deep in thought.


Nom Noms

You won’t starve as a solo traveller in Melbourne. Each city has its unique take on cuisine, and Melbourne’s tastes are informed by international influences. Greek, Indian and a plethora of Asian flavours can be found throughout the city. Head to Lygon Street for Italian to die for! There’s a strong emphasis on local produce too. Try Kinfolk for meals made sustainably, by volunteers, with all proceeds going to charity. Or, buy fresh supplies at Queen Victoria Market and cook a meal for your fellow solo travellers!


Photos by Roadtrip with Raj & Kevin Xue