The Night Before Fishmas

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Twas the night before Fishmas, and underneath the mall
10,000 sea creatures were most excited of all.
Glowing algae was hung for all to see,
while coral was stacked in the shape of a tree.

The minnows floated along as they dreamed
about plankton, kelp, and other sweet things.
Even stingrays who rested just inches away
anxiously awaited a man and his sleigh.

Atlantis was teeming with holiday cheer,
knowing that Scuba Claus soon would be here.
When somewhere above came a splish and a splash,
and away to the surface the fish swam in a flash.


From sharks to turtles, all were excited to see
what the commotion in the water could be.
It must be a rock falling into the deep blue.
Or could the tales of Scuba Claus be true?

Rumors had spread about a jolly old soul
who brought gifts and goodies to the fish down below.
It was then that they saw them – a swift, tiny fleet
of eight seahorses, each one he would greet:

"Now Splasher! Now, Snapper! Now, Pincher and Poseidon!
On, Cuddles! On, Bubbles! On, Scales and Triton!"
From the bottom of the sea, one by one he would call.
"Now swim away! Swim away! Swim away all!"


Like currents they flew through the deep ocean sea,
gliding and spreading waves of Holiday glee.
Tangs and rays gathered, and knew it must be
cheery, plump Scuba Claus, the fish did agree.

Green Sea Turtles emerged for a closer look
of his eight tiny helpers and the bells that he shook.
The seahorses pulled the sleigh through rollers and waves,
right past the Jellyfish and toward Coral Caves.

Clownfish and tang greeted him there,
their colors stood out next to the white of his hair.
Claus wore a red coat that could be seen from afar,
much like the skin of a near red-knobbed sea star.


Silently he floated towards the largest exhibit of all,
amazed that a 300 foot tunnel stood under a mall
1.3 million gallons is surely a lot,
but paled in comparison to the bag that he brought.

Toys and treats were welcomed by sturgeon and gar.
Their eyes looked amazed, their mouths stood ajar.
Even Caiman and Dart Frogs took note of their guest,
they caught a quick glance before their long winters rest.

The spout of a snorkel was held tight in this smile,
while the bubbles encircled his face for a while.
Barnacles clung to his suit, sand entwined in his hair,
and the twinkle in his eye bared compassion and care.

Each of the sea creatures were eager to see
Scuba Claus in their home before his jovial flee.
It was then that he whistled and nodded to his team.
They glided with grace, with such style and gleam.

Away they flew through the Aquarium and out of the mall.
“Merry Fishmas to everyone, and Happy Holidays to all!”


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