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15% Off Snorkels

Snorkel with bamboo sharks, unicorn tang and more in our Rainbow Reef tank! Members receive a 15% off discount when booking.


How To Book:

Email or call 952-853-0612. Advance reservations required at least 2 weeks in advance. Availability is limited. Sales Office Hours: 8am-4pm

Aquarist Update

New Additions - Albino and Black Pacu!

We were contacted by a member of the public who had some fish which had out grown their home. Aquarist Asher and Aquarist Kristin headed to the Twin Cities to collect 10 Albino Pacu and two Black Pacu from a residual fish keeper.


These beautiful fish are now up on deck where they will go through a 6 week quarantine. Their original home contained just 450 gallons; their new home will be the Amazon exhibit which holds 145,000 gallons!

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