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Japanese spider crab

Japanische Seespinne2

A nightmare for arachnophobics

Japanese spider crabs are not known for beauty, but are the largest type of crustacean in the world. It reaches a leg span of almost four meters. They are also called giant crabs - with their ten legs, a nightmare for any arachnophobic.

Although they can look terrifyingly large, they are actually gentle animals. In its natural habitat, the Japanese spider crab feeds on shellfish, molluscs and carrion and can reach an age of up to 100 years!


Japanische Seespinne1

Did you know...?

  • They have 10 legs and therefore belong to the decapod crabs.
  • The Japanese spider crabs are the largest arthropods in the world in terms of leg span of up to 4 meters and they can weigh up to 19 kg.
  • The males of the Japanese spider crabs have the longest claws!
Japanische Seespinne

Born without legs

When the larvae of the spider crab have just hatched, they are transparent animals without legs that swim on the surface of the water. After shedding their skin several times, they begin to develop their extremities and their bodies start to form.