Mission Hai

New unique exhibition area at SEA LIFE Munich

Welcome to Germany’s largest variety of sharks. Be part of a fascinating underwater world with 20 different species of shark, including unique ones like the pyjama shark, topes, and Japanese carpet sharks. Get up close and personal in our gigantic ocean tank!

Follow along with these fascinating animals, moving through three interactive discovery areas as you trace their breathtaking journey through life. Get to know their habitat, their anatomy, and the dangers they face, so you can help us with our MISSION: SHARK – Breed, Rescue, Protect.

On site you can take a look at the new baby shark pool and see that the epaulette shark can in fact walk. Catch a glimpse on the Japanese carpet shark who likes to hide and count the stripes of the zebra sharks. Do they really have twelve?

You also have the opportunity to make a special photo of yourself in a shark egg and of course you can watch the fascinating creatures while they swim majestically through the tropical ocean.

And another highlight awaits you! On the interactive sharkwall you can playfully explore the world of sharks, test your knowledge and keep track of where the white shark is staying.



Sharks lived before the dinosaurs - they have inhabited the world for over more than 350 million years.



Sharks have thousands of teeth. They can get up to 30,000 teeth in their life.



Unlike most other fish, sharks have an air-filled swim bladder. Many sharks have to constantly move so they don't sink.

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