North American Otter

Lewis, the North American Otter is resident here at The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary, Oban.

North American Otters are found throughout Alaska, Canada and the northern United States. They are slightly larger than our native European otter and are probably the most numerous Otter species in the wild. Lewis, our Otter, is an excellent ambassador to help us promote Otter conservation as he is more active during the day than our native European Otter.

Otters have been adapting to their environment for over 2 million years, making them effective hunters on land and perfectly suited to life in the water. However, unless we look after them and their habitats we could lose some Otter Species.

By far the most common Otter is the Eurasian Otter, so named because they were once commonly found from the West coast of Ireland to Japan. However the Eurasian Otter, like all other Otter species, is under constant threat and is now extinct in Belgium and Switzerland, with population numbers outside Europe currently unknown.