Adopt a Seal

Adopt a Seal - Make a Difference

Year after year, we continue to rescue a number of seals in and around the waters surrounding us. We rely heavily on the help and support of many of our visitors who choose to adopt a seal and sponsor it on its long road to recovery. By agreeing to become a sponsor, your valuable contribution will ensure that your sponsored seal is given the very best chance of making a full recovery which will enable it to eventually safely return home to the wild.

For those unfortunate animals, who due to the nature of their injuries are unable to effectively survive in the wild, your support and sponsorship will ensure that they live out the remainder of their lives within the safe confines of The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary.

You will receive a Welcome Letter, Adoption Certificate, Photo, Gift and Fact Pack plus a complimentary ticket to The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary in Barcaldine, by Oban.

Each adoption makes a valuable contribution to our seal rescue programme, allowing us to provide continuing care for those seals and other marine mammals around our coasts that need our help.

With your help we can ensure that your adopted seal is given the best care from our dedicated team of seal experts.


You can adopt one of our resident seals for just £35.00

In your adoption pack you will receive:

  • A Welcome Letter,
  • An Adoption Certificate,
  • A Photo,
  • A Gift and Fact Pack 
  • A complimentary ticket to The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary in Barcaldine, by Oban.

To complete your purchase you must forward on your confirmation email as proof of purchase to to claim your adoption pack, please include the following details in your email:

  • Recipients Name (for the adoption certificate)

  • Which seal you would like to adopt

  • Delivery Address (this can be sent either to yourself or direct to recipient)

Find out more about our resident seals below:


Born: 27th July 2007
About Me: I was born here at the Sanctuary. My mum and dad were both resident seals here and I am their youngest daughter. My mum was a long term resident who passed away shortly after I was born in 2007. I was then brought up by my dad, Lorne, who also had spent most of his life in captivity here until he passed away in 2008. I really enjoy playing and swimming with the rescued seal pups we temporarily house here before they get released back into the wild. When I think no one is watching I charge around the pool leaping out and swimming as fast as I can. If I see someone coming I stop what I was doing quickly and go over and watch them.
Fun Fact: I am cheeky and manage to get Macey, Pippa and Boo to do all their training with the trainers and then I sneak up behind them and try and steal their fish!



Rescued: 27th May 2012
About Me: The first time I was rescued by a seal rescue centre, I only weighed 16kg and I was riddled with worms. Even though I had gained weight and was released into the wild in January 2011, I found myself in trouble a few months later. The Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary rescued me again in May 2012 with a badly infected wound on my mouth that prevented me from eating. Just like my friend Pippa, I couldn’t be released back into the wild due to medical reasons. We both suffer from a permanent thyroid condition and thus rely on medication every day. I have always been a shy seal and I like to play cautiously. 
Fun Fact: My best friend Lora knows I'm not too keen on training and so she sometimes trains for fish just to give it to me!


Rescued: 6th June 2012
About Me: I was born prematurely and my mum abandoned me shortly after so I ended up stranded on a beach. Just a few hours later I was rescued by Hunstanton SEA LIFE Sanctuary and earned a reputation of the noisiest seal pup of the season. I look slightly different to what my mum would expect me to look like but I don’t mind being different. I have an unusually white coat but I'm missing a lot of it. I arrived at the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary with my friend Macey in October 2012. This place has become my true home and I like my trainers as well as anything that will keep me occupied. I'm a very playful and curious seal and will happily investigate anything new.
Fun Fact: Because Lora and Macey are best friends, I usually do my own thing but if there is a rescued seal pup I quickly befriend it!


Rescued: 11th June 2014
About Me: My mum abandoned me when I was only about a day old. I still had my umbilical cord attached to me so I was brought into the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary. Unfortunately, I developed a problem with my eye and it took a lot of dedication from the Animal Care Team to nurse me back to health. I never really met my real mum so I now see them as my parents. I rely on them for everything, and that’s why I am now a permanent resident here. I am the only boy in the small colony of seals I live with, but I don’t mind! I love playing with hoops and my favourite thing is spinning around in the water! I am very playful and Lora, Macey and Pippa are my best friends. I enjoy hanging out in the top pool because I'm very nosy and curious, so I like watching all the guests through the windows!
Fun Fact: When I first arrived at the Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary, I used to call to the Animal Care Team all the time, and the noise I made was “BOO!” This is why my name is now Boo!