African Clawed Frogs

African Clawed Frog

African Clawed Frogs, otherwise known as Xenopus laevis, are usually found in wetland ponds and lakes in Southern Africa.
They are carnivorous and eat almost anything they can find, such as small fish and worms. They can also grow up to 12cm in length! These animals are very hardy and breed well in the wild so their populations do not have any real threats but they are used by some people as a source of protein, aphrodisiac or fertility medicine.

These frogs are often accidentally sold as African Dwarf Frogs, a species which do not grow very big and so are ideal for home aquaria. As stated above, this species grows quite large and will eat anything that fits into their mouth, therefore not ideal for keeping at home!

Things To Do

  • Can you spot them easily or are they too busy playing hide and seek?
  • What size do you estimate those we have here are?
  • Can you guess what their last meal was?
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