Common seal

Common Seal

Common seals are smaller than grey seals and their coats are more extensively spotted. Their facial features are also different, with snub noses and nostrils that form a "V" shape. Common seals prefer hauling out on sand banks and gently shelving rocky, shingle or sandy beaches. They are found on both sides of the North Atlantic and on the Eastern seaboard of the North Pacific. The British population is distributed mainly in the Wash, the major Scottish estuaries, the Scottish islands and West Coast, and the West Coast of Ireland. Occasionally they are found off the Cornish coast.

Fun facts

Some words from Lovely Lora:

"I was born here at the sanctuary. My Mum and Dad were both resident seals here and I am their youngest daughter. My mum was a long term resident who passed away shortly after I was born on 27th July 2007. I was then brought up by my Dad, Lorne who had also spent most of his life in captivity here until he passed away in 2008.
I really enjoy playing and swimming with the rescued pups we temporarily house here before they get released back into the wild. When I think no one is watching I charge around the pool, leaping out and swimming as fast as I can, if I see someone coming I stop what I am doing quickly and go over and watch them."

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