Conger Eel

Conger Eel

The Conger Eel is the largest species of eel in the world, based on the combination of length and weight.

Conger Eels are found all around the British Isles and Northern Europe. This species can reach up to 3m long and weigh over 60kg. They live at depths ranging from the shallows down to around 500m and even go as low as 4,000m when spawning. Congers like to hide in rocky crevices or ship wrecks over rough seabed. Though most active at night, they are also excellent hunters during the day. Congers will eat almost anything they find such as crabs, octopus, fish and other eels.

Things To Do

  • Guess the length of our Conger Eel here at The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary
  • Can you spot the eel's favourite hiding place?
  • How old do you think our eel is?
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