The Halibut is the largest flat fish in the world

Halibut are grey-black with an off-white underbelly and have very small scales embedded in their skin, which are invisible to the naked eye. When they are born, they have an eye on either side of their head and swim like a salmon. However, after 6 months, one eye migrates to the other side, thus making them look more like flounder. At the same time the stationary-eyed side darkens to match the top side, while the other side remains white. This colour scheme disguises halibut from above (blending in with the ocean floor) and from below (blending into the light from the sky). This is known as countershading. Halibut feed on almost any animal they can fit into their mouth.

Things to Do

  • Can you see the different colours we have mentioned on each Halibut?
  • Can you spot the babies and those that are over 6 months old? (See our descriptions above)
  • Find out what they had for their last meal
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