Long-Spined Bullhead

Scorpion Fish

Meet our Long-Spined Bullhead
This fish is common in rock pools and beneath seaweed on the low shore and also amongst seaweed covered rocks down to 30m in depth. It feeds on small fish and crustaceans that live on the sea bed. The Long Spined Bullhead has a large expandable mouth and will swallow fish as big as itself, however its flattened, crushing teeth prevent it from eating anything it cannot swallow whole. In most areas, prawns are its principal diet but it will readily take worms on a hook and bait meant for much larger fish!

Things To Do

  • Can you spot it lying in wait to pounce on its prey?
  • Have you heard some other names it is also known as?
  • What colours can you spot on those here at The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary?
  • Have some questions for our team? Don't be afraid to ask!
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