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feeding times

asian short clawed otter

Otter Meet and Greet – 11:00am
- Come and meet our friendly North American otters, Isla and Lewis
- Find out their favourite foods and see how much fun they have here with us
- Our Animal Care Team will be on hand and will do their best to answer any of your questions

common seal

Seal Meet and Greet – 12:00pm
- Come along and become acquainted with our resident Seals
- Hear all about their plight for survival and how they came to be with us here in our Seal Sanctuary
- During their feeding demonstration, ask away and find out all about these lovely creatures
- Don't forget to smile as they show you their swimming skills!


Interactive Touchpool Experience – 1.30pm
- Get up close and personal with our touch pool creatures
- Be brave, why not volunteer to hold a crab or even touch a starfish?
- With our experienced and knowledgeable team on hand, expand your knowledge and ask us any questions you may have

Shark Lagoon

British Shark Feed or Conger Eel Meet and Greet – 2:00pm
- Come along and meet a famous creature we hear so much about - The British Shark
- Get up close if you like, but not too close, and find out what they've had for lunch
- Too scary for you? Let us take some of that fear away and swap those myths for some truths


Kids Colouring In Fun - 2.30pm
- Each day at 2.30pm come along to the coffee shop to enjoy some colouring fun. Either finish it here or take it home with you.
- No need to book

Otter 2

Otter Meet and Greet - 3.00pm
- Missed meeting our loveable otters, Isla and Lewis, earlier in the day? - now is your chance!
- They get rather animated at feeding time so be prepared for their excitement
- Once again, an experienced team member will be on hand to answer any of your questions


Seal Meet & Greet - 3.30pm
- Catch a final glimpse of our resident seals before they turn in for the evening
- Find out about our most recent Seal Residents from our Animal Care Team
- Ask away any questions you have always wanted to ask about these adorable creatures

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