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The Scottish SEA LIFE Sanctuary is situated on the shores of Loch Creran. Loch Creran branches off Loch Linnhe and like other sea lochs on the West Coast of Scotland, is tidal and provides a sheltered haven for a rich diversity of marine creatures. Click here for directions

Loch Creran is about 7 miles in length and divides Appin on the north, and Benderloch on the south, connected by The Creagan Bridge at the most narrow point. On either side, Loch Creran is surrounded by some of the most stunning mountains, hills and scenery in Scotland.

Why Conserve Loch Creran?
- It is the only known site in Britain where Serpulid Worms form reefs
- Out of only three European sites where Serpulid Reefs grow, Loch Creran is the largest
- Loch Creran is also home to another type of biogenic reef formed by the Horse Mussel

Serpulid reefs and horse mussels are important microhabitats for hundreds of other animals and their presence has resulted in Loch Creran being designated as an S.A.C.

What is an S.A.C?
S.A.C. stands for Special Area of Conservation
S.A.C's are designated under the EU Directive known as the Habitat's Directive. Each country is responsible for designating a representative proportion of terrestrial and marine habitats and species of special interest. The S.A.C's will make up a network of conservation sites across Europe known as Natura 2000.

A survey was carried out for SNH on the Serpulid Reefs throughout Loch CreranThe in 1996 by a group headed by Dr C. Moore of Heriot Watt University.
The reefs inhabit relatively shallow water but are most abundant between 6 and 10 metres.
A belt of scattered reefs fringes most of the coastline of the lower basin of Loch Creran with some areas of this belt being 200m wide.

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